Літературно-художня спадщина В. Сухомлинського в матеріалах міжнародних та всеукраїнських педагогічних читань (історіографічний аспект)


  • Леся Сухомлинська науковий співробітник сектору сухомлиністики відділу педагогічного джерелознавства та біографістики Державної науково-педагогічної бібліотеки України імені В. О. Сухомлинського, м. Київ, Україна, Ukraine




The article highlights the place and role of literary and artistic heritage of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky as a component of his pedagogical work through historiography of international and national pedagogical readings «Vasyl Sukhomlynsky in dialogue with the present» content. Pedagogical readings are held for 28 years in educational institutions all over Ukraine. All discovered content on literary heritage was analyzed. It is established that the interest of researchers in the artistic and literary heritage of the teacher took place during all the years of readings with a noticeable tendency to increase. It was found that the total number of these works reaches 120 titles. Based on the titles of articles, their qualification division was carried out in different areas of pedagogical knowledge. It was found that the publications, the subject of which is the literary heritage of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky, are devoted to scientific and practical analysis of educational and upbringing processes in educational institutions of different levels, as well as family and extracurricular pedagogy. It is established that educator’s literary heritage is mostly used in preschool and primary school in certain subjects teaching, as well as in the general educational process of middle school. It was found out that scientists and high school teachers, primary school teachers, educators, museum workers, and school librarians are involved in the consideration and analysis of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky’s literary heritage. It is suggested that this component of the teacher’s work will tend to constant growth and will be in demand due to the emotional and figurative representation of the whole set of general pedagogical problems.




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Сухомлинська, Л. (2022). Літературно-художня спадщина В. Сухомлинського в матеріалах міжнародних та всеукраїнських педагогічних читань (історіографічний аспект). Науково-педагогічні студії, (6), 126–135. https://doi.org/10.32405/2663-5739-2022-6-126-135



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